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For adventurous individuals looking to visit new and exciting destinations in 2020, these international spots are just a few of the many unique places the world has to offer.

Queensland, Australia

Those who’ve added Australia to their travel itineraries are making it a point to visit Queensland. Spring of 2020 marks the opening of the Museum of Underwater Art. This unique site will be contained within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is set to take up four sites throughout. The museum is being created to promote and encourage ocean conservation, an issue that has severely affected the Great Barrier Reef in recent years. The artwork to be displayed was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, who is well known for his underwater sculpture designs. Visitors of Queensland are also encouraged to see the Heart Reef and Heart Island which were not previously accessible to the public.


What is becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination, locals throughout Croatia often recommend tourists visit the city of Dubrovnik. Some of this coastal city’s must-see attractions include the Elaphiti Islands, Mali Ston (a unique town that boasts its own oyster farm), and Rector’s Palace. Dubrovnik dates back to the 16th century which explains its beautiful stone architecture and limestone streets that have been preserved for decades.


As the Arctic Circle’s largest island, Greenland’s tourism industry is undergoing an expansion in 2020. Starting in August, people will be able to take a 15-day cruise around the country and throughout the coast of Iceland. For those with less experienced sea legs, local tour groups offer week-long expeditions of Greenland by land. These trips kick-off in Icefjord and include an archaeological hike that takes its participants to Nuuk, the country’s capital.


For many people, vacation is synonymous with tranquility. That being said, Bolivia has become a recent hotspot for travelers looking to escape the mundane, specifically Salar de Uyuni, which is said to be one of the most tranquil places on Earth. This immense salt flat is the largest in the world and truly a sight to see. With the opening of the Kachi Lodge, visitors now have a comfortable place to stay in such a remote area; a lap of luxury in an otherwise remote desert.