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Airbnb has become the leading online vacation rental space and a competitive thorn in the side of the hotel industry. With listings as modest as a yoga mat in a spare room to a luxurious penthouse suite, travelers can find accommodations to meet their needs across the globe. The platform has also been a boon to folks everywhere in need of an additional revenue stream. But if a website had an ego, Airbnb’s would be on the cusp of raging. For those who like to play the consumer field, some alternatives are below.




This site is great for finding deals on hotel rooms, and for those with financial constraints, a filter shows properties that will allow for cancellation and not charge a credit card until arrival. For those hooked on hotel service, this site typically offers the best rates. And for the record, lists private homes.




VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is well known, having been in business for over a decade longer than Airbnb. The primary differences are that VRBO has only a fraction of the listings, and the properties are never hosted, which may be a positive for privacy hounds.


3. Homestay


This site is for travelers wanting an immersion experience but maybe not for those who enjoy autonomy. Homestay accommodations are always hosted, which can be a blessing or a curse. The site has properties in many places but with limited availability. If free breakfast is a dealmaker, this is the rental site to use.


4. Sonder


This site only manages properties in major cities, and every listing is owned by Sonder. That is, a bar is set in terms of guest expectations, and one need not worry about booking with a host who neglects to meet them. This may be especially comforting for travelers with certain standards of cleanliness.


The sites above are not necessarily better options when compared to Airbnb, a platform that earned its top spot in the accommodations industry. That said, whether it be a jovially hosted guesthouse or a private bunker with keypad entry, consumers in want of choice in terms of their lodging need only an internet connection and the time to browse for the right accommodations.