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Scotland is rich with history and natural beauty. Maybe you’ve already visited Edinburgh, or you want to see someplace different on your second visit. Here are some of Scotland’s hidden gems; they don’t get such heavy tourism but will take your breath away!


1. Smoo Cave


Caves are mysterious corners of the earth, rich with ancient folklore. If you want to come close to the spirits of the land, visit Smoo Cave! Be sure to pick a time when the weather is ideal. Days heavy with rain can make cave exploration dangerous for those without experience. If you aren’t sure, ask a tour guide to accompany you.


2. Fairy Pools


If you didn’t get enough folklore at Smoo Cave, check out the Fairy Pools that stand in the Isle of Sky. These ancient waterfalls could be called magical for the clarity of the waters alone. If you listen closely, you could almost hear the enchantment in the water. If you want to see the best spots, be sure to book a guided tour; the Fairy Pools are big!


3. Crovie


If you want to visit a photogenic village, Crovie is the place for you. It’s a charming handful of houses that face the ocean. This town is so small that the road leading to it is too narrow for parking; cars have to be left outside the settlement.


Once a shepherd village, the rich landowner drove out the inhabitants so that his sheep would have more room to graze. This meant that the village of Crovie was frozen in time. Sometimes you will find more enchantment in small places!


4. Fingal’s Cave


Fingal’s Cave will transport you into a dream. You’ll be enchanted by the cave’s unique exterior, shaped so carefully by Scotland’s natural wonders. Inside the cave, you might encounter the animals that live there. If you arrive at the right time, you’ll see the puffins migrating to mate.




Scotland has too many beautiful spots to visit in a week. Plan your itinerary before you board the plane so that you won’t miss these majestic destinations.