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When COVID-19 began to make its way through the United States this past spring, many thought things would be back to normal by the summer, and that they’d be able to enjoy their scheduled vacations. Fast forward to today. While things seem to have gotten better, the world is by no means back to normal. 

Going on vacation, while desirable, is more difficult than it was before due to many people wanting to stay socially distant. Unfortunately, traveling doesn’t typically mean you can avoid others as so many places around the country and the entire world are considered tourist attractions, meaning they tend to attract large populations. While many destinations make social distancing difficult, there are still plenty of trips you can take where you can keep yourself safe as well as others. Here are a few socially distant vacation ideas.


Perhaps one of the first things that tends to come to mind when thinking of socially distant vacations is taking a camping trip. Camping is tons of fun and a great way to get back to nature, meaning you often won’t find swarms of people during your trip. The outdoors is generally better than the indoors right now and with so much wide open space you’ll be able to keep your distance when you do encounter others. While camping might not be for everyone, this might be the year to try something new when you travel.

Rent a Boat

If you like the water, a good socially distant vacation idea is renting a boathouse. Boathouses are boats that feature sleeping and cooking areas so you can effectively spend a trip purely on the boat as long as you have all of the supplies you need. Being on the water means you have various options such as staying on a lake or renting a boat and hanging out in a bay. Not only will you be able to avoid other people, you’ll be able to have a relaxing vacation similar to a beach trip while also having a unique experience you probably hadn’t thought about before.

Take a Road Trip

A great way to see many different places and stay socially distant is by taking a road trip. The best way to go about this is to rent an RV, as it will allow you to drive from location to location without ever having to go to a restaurant or stay in a hotel. You can take a road trip around your home state or even across the country, and it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to rent an RV. Another great option for road trips is taking a bike trip. Bike trips allow you to get the same experience as a traditional road trip but on a bicycle, which can mean not having to share a physical space with others if you don’t want to.