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We are all eager to explore new places and enjoy time away from home. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as jumping up and heading out on the road! If you wish to travel but are worried that you don’t have the funds for it, keep reading for a few tips that will let you take that much-needed break on a budget.

1. Have a plan from the start

Sure, it’s exciting to travel spontaneously. But you need the luxury of money and time to do so! Having a plan during your vacation time will help you stay on track with your cash. Always know where you will be going, where you will stay, how long you will be staying for, and other small details. Having a plan will help you stick to your budget and avoid unexpected expenses.

2. Travel in the off-season

Always avoid traveling during spring break and in July and August. The travel industry hikes up their prices during these times because they know everyone is out to have a good time. Always try to set up your trip to happen during the off-season. You’ll save a good bit of money, and you won’t have as many tourists to deal with!

3. Look for different accommodations

Consider trading that expensive hotel room for a stay in a hostel. Hostels offer cheap prices for travelers who simply want a place to sleep and shower while they are traveling. You’ll be sharing a home or room at a fraction of the cost of a typical hotel room.

Additionally, look for long-lost friends or relatives in the area you will be traveling to. If you can stay with them for a couple of days, you’ll save even more money. Of course, make sure you clear it with them first!

4. Watch what you eat

It’s easy to blow tons of cash when you are hungry, especially when you’re on vacation and aren’t looking to cook! However, do your best to find cheap alternatives when you are traveling on a budget. You’ll find cheaper lunches in local supermarkets that cost much less than an overpriced, trendy eatery. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, book one that has a small refrigerator and microwave in the room and bring your own food. Save your cash for another day exploring!