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Traveling to Europe is a dream for many people, but the expense of it all can get in the way of making that dream a reality—especially if you plan to visit any European capitals. Fortunately, not every capital city will cost an arm and a leg. For travelers looking to visit Europe with a strict budget in mind, here are some cities you should check out.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Between Austria and the Czech Republic lies the small nation of Slovakia, once part of what used to be Czechoslovakia. Though overlooked by many tourists, its capital, Bratislava, still has much to offer to those who do visit. Hotels are fairly inexpensive, coming in at around 40 U.S. dollars a night, and decently sized meals can often be bought for less than 10 euros. 

When it comes to activities, you can purchase the Bratislava Card, which grants you free walking tours, public transport, admission to 14 museums and galleries, and discounts of up to 50% at over 100 different locations. By purchasing this card, you can save a little over 65.58 euros (or $72 in the USA) on all the listed activities.

Sofia, Bulgaria

If you’re looking for a more relaxed destination to visit, Sofia may be just the place for you. There are often very few tourists, which makes it easier to relax and take in the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman architecture still leftover from past occupations. 

Large, fresh, and shareable meals can be bought for about $10-12 depending on how upscale the restaurant is, and a decent domestic wine costs about just $1; domestic beer costs even less than that.

Belgrade, Serbia

A cheaper alternative to Berlin, Belgrade is comparable to the German city for its extensive bars and clubs. Beyond the vibrant nightlife, Belgrade also offers plenty of inexpensive options for the discerning and savvy traveler. Checking out the local food scene? Keep your change in your pocket, because there is no expectation for tipping. Looking for a special something to bring home? Hit the local flea market and don’t be afraid to haggle. 

There are plenty of budget-friendly cities in Europes, all of them waiting to be explored. But, to start off your low-cost European travels with a bang, be sure to check out these three incredible destinations.