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If you love to travel, then the past year has probably been a bit difficult for you. Not only has the covid-19 pandemic caused pain and suffering for millions around the world, but it has also made traveling much more difficult than it had been before. Between safety concerns, cancelled events, and logistical headaches, the current situation is tricky for travelers.

With all that being said, a determined traveler can still hit the road if they got about it the right way. By adjusting your strategy and adapting to the new norms, you can satisfy your wanderlust just as much as in years past. Just make sure you avoid these costly mistakes.

Planning To Visit Many Countries In A Single Trip

These days, most international border crossings require covid tests, quarantines, and other preventative measures. Some borders might even close down altogether. If you plan to hop from one country to another every few days during your trip, you might spend more time dealing with logistics than actually enjoying your surroundings.

Booking Flights Without Checking The Cancellation Policy

In these uncertain times, it never makes sense to book a flight you can’t cancel. You never know when an unexpected mutation could unleash renewed chaos in your home country or your destination.

Not Planning Your Pre-Departure Covid-19 Test

Most countries require a negative covid test taken within 72 or 96 hours of your departure. Make sure you plan this test well in advance, and confirm that you’ll get your results back before you have to board your flight.

Not Bringing Enough Personal Protection Equipment

While traveling, you’ll likely use more personal protection equipment than you do at home. All that walking, bus-riding, and taxi-taking will make you sweat. It will also make it easy to lose things like masks and face coverings. You should be able to buy masks at your destination, but it still makes sense to bring plenty with you.

Acting Irresponsibly Around Local People

Many people in tourist destinations have been hit badly by the economic fallout of the pandemic, and they’ll be happy to accept your business. What they don’t’ want to deal with, however, is risky behavior from maskless tourists. As a guest in another country, you owe it to your hosts to act responsibly.