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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to cancel their summer vacations, leaving them with days or even weeks of unused paid time off that they have yet to use. Most major companies don’t allow vacation time to roll over to the next year, so it’s important for people to use their paid time off as soon as possible. While they might not be able to travel across the United States or visit another country as they planned, there are still several ways they can enjoy their time off and take a break from the stress of the office.

1. Take a “Staycation”

Sometimes staying at home can be just as enjoyable as going on a long trip. People can relax at home, spend time with their pets or their kids, catch up on their favorite shows, and not have to worry about being at work tomorrow morning. They can also explore stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions in their neighborhood that they hadn’t gotten the chance to visit before.

2. Visit the Beach

Many beaches are still open, as outdoor areas typically have a smaller risk of virus transmission. People looking for a vacation can spend a few days relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sunlight, and walking along the coast. Some beaches even have hotels and resorts where vacationers can stay for a few days.

3. Go on a Road Trip

While some tourist destinations might be closed, vacationers can still take a short road trip to see the sights and destinations they’ve never seen before. They might travel a few hours out of state or visit the tourist areas in their state that they’ve always wanted to see. They can also stay in a hotel for a night or two, which is practically a vacation in itself.

4. Visit State Parks

Like beaches, most state parks are open for tourists. Vacationers can take a short road trip to see all the state parks in their area. They can go swimming, hiking or fishing and make some treasured memories while enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. If they like camping, they can even set up a tent and stay there for a night or two.