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With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out across the country, people can finally start safely traveling again for summer vacations. Different countries have different travel requirements for vaccinated citizens; some require proof of vaccination, typically using the record card given to you when you first get vaccinated. Even with the vaccine, though, travelers should stay cautious and partake in standard safety practices like social distancing, wearing a mask, and thoroughly washing their hands.


Before traveling out of the country, however, check with your State Department for the rules on returning from another country—some need proof of a negative COVID-19 test no matter your vaccination status from no more than three days before your flight. As always, check with your physician and the CDC guidelines before traveling.


Staying safe, though, doesn’t mean you can’t travel at all! Plenty of countries are open to fully vaccinated travelers, with more opening up as time goes on. Here are some you can look into for your summer vacation.




Belize is open to fully vaccinated travelers no matter the country they’re from so long as they have proof they received their final vaccination dose two weeks prior to traveling. Travelers should have their COVID-19 vaccination card ready to be presented upon arrival, as it lets you bypass the negative test requirement. Travelers are also required to download the Belize Health App and complete a form for contact tracing and location monitoring.




In Central America, Guatemala allows any visitors who can provide documentation of receiving their final vaccine dose two weeks before traveling. Non-vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter the country as well, but those travelers must have a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before traveling. Health screenings will be required once you reach the airport, but beyond that, there are no limitations on interstate travel, dining, or curfews.




Anyone can visit the country of Slovenia, but they must adhere to the 10-day quarantine requirement upon arrival. Those who are vaccinated can bypass the quarantine so long as they provide proof of vaccination. Slovenia considers people fully vaccinated a week after their final dose, but this depends on the type of vaccination you’ve received as well. Seven days after your second Pfizer dose, you can travel to the country; 14 days after your second Moderna dosage, you can enter Slovenia; 21 days after your second AstraZeneca dose, you can travel to Slovenia. As with everything, these guidelines can change, so keep an eye on the embassy website.