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One of the most popular vacation spots, especially among couples, is Costa Rica. It is frequently thought of as a honeymoon destination, yet plenty of visitors go there for fun as much as romance. The following are a few of the many reasons why you should consider a Costa Rican vacation in the future.

Of those many reasons this country sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, its calm scenery that makes it easy for vacationers to relax is a big one. The coast is isolated enough that it is almost always quiet and peaceful. The lush jungles are excellent for sightseeing, and Costa Rica is home to many wellness retreats. 

Tourists love staying at the famous boutique hotel, Le Cameleon. It features appealing communal spaces out in the open, as well as many eco-friendly features. Environmentally conscious tourists appreciate the hotel’s commitment to using solar power and managing the water supply carefully. Taking it a step further, the on-site restaurant only serves organic foods.

Sustainability is also important in Costa Rica. For that reason, two of the destination’s reserves inspire many people to visit. The Santa Elena, and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserves help Costa Rica achieve and maintain its sustainability. This is where tourists can get a glimpse of the local wildlife. With zip-lining and hiking options offered, visitors that want to explore the area in depth know where to go.

Those looking for a little more of adventure will often make the trip to La Fortuna. Its main attraction is the Arenal Volcano. At its base are hot spring pools that are open to the public. Other activities around the volcano include hiking through lava fields and forests. Visitors often venture out to Santa Rosa National Park as well, and beyond to the nearby beaches to go surfing. Nearby beaches can be found in Arenas del Mar and Manuel Antonio. Playa Uvita, in the Ballena National Park, is an excellent spot for whale watching for those visiting in the midst of the mating season.

In most parts of Costa Rica, tourists are treated like family by the locals. A visit to the Bribri Reserve shows how important family is in Costa Rica. Residents of the Yorkin Indigenous Reserve invite visitors to dine with them on a daily basis. This is the best way for tourists to learn all about the local culture.